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This blog is named after the Library of Congress Cataloging number used for many books on logic: QA9.  My goal is to write about some of the books and articles on topics related to logic and semantics of programming languages which I am studying during the course of my research.

My intended audience is Computer Scientists, probably at the graduate level or above, who already have some familiarity with programming language semantics and/or logic.  Of course, I welcome readers of any background, but you may find it harder to follow the discussion without some prior knowledge of those topics.

I am not necessarily an expert in all the material I will be talking about: indeed, the whole point of studying it is to try to improve my own expertise!  I hope you will join me in this challenging, at times frustrating, but ultimately rewarding journey, as we dive into technical material and try both to understand it and to connect it with other things we are interested in.

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