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Happy belated New Year’s to everyone.

I just got the really exciting news that PLPV 2011’s registrations are currently at 55, putting PLPV in a tie with TLDI for highest registrations of all POPL satellite events, including VMCAI.  This is a great tribute to the work of the PC, particularly PC Chairs Ranjit Jhala and Wouter Swierstra; and of course, PLPV participants present and past for contributing to make this a great meeting.  I could not be more thrilled to see PLPV doing this well this year.



  1. How does this compare to previous years? If you happen to know that is.

  2. Great question, Harley. I actually do have those stats:

    – co-located with IJCAR with 24 registered participants in 2006;

    – co-located with ICFP with 38 registered participants in 2007;

    – co-located with POPL with 47 registered participants in 2009;

    – co-located with POPL with 38 registered participants in 2010.

    Remember that the above are final numbers — probably there will be a few last-minute registrations this year still.

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