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I’ve been quite remiss about posting here for the past month or two, due to the end of summer hiatus and the manic start of the semester.  I expect to be getting back into gear on QA9 now that we’re in the usual groove of the fall term.

I’m at Midwest Verification Day (MVD ’10) today and tomorrow, and I’ll post a bit about the event as it proceeds.  So far, it’s off to a great start, with over 50 registered participants from 12 different institutions in the Midwest region.  The mornings talks have all been quite good, continuing the tradition started with MVD ’09.  I was especially pleased by the number of talks making use of Hoare Logic, since we have just been covering the basics of that in my fall class (graduate-level programming language semantics).  We have a really nice variety of talks, hitting so far on verification for hybrid systems by computing invariants of  ordinary differential equations; static analysis to infer programmers’ scope of reasoning; implementing a HOL theorem prover in Haskell; comparing proof systems using the LFSC logical framework; sequentialization of concurrent programs; and using Haskell as a unified programmatic environment for testing hardware designs.  I’ll go in more detail selectively later…


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